Wakasagi Amimoto Ooba

Hakone Ashinoko Wakasagi
Amimoto Oba

Amimoto Ooba

TEL 81-460-84-8984
Open:11:00 - End as soon as the fish is lost


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Special Lunch
Braised Sockeye salmon
Deep-fried rainbow trout
Braised rainbow salmon
 (Choose one combination from Deep-fried Wakasagi,
Wakasagi Tempura,Marinated Wakasagi in sweet vinegar sauce)
Ginger pork
 (grated ginger  garlic  pork with soy sauce)
Tsukimi Himokawa Udon
 (Flat noodle with egg)
Sansai Himokawa Udon
 (Flat noodle with Mountain Vegetables)
Himokawa Udon
 (Flat noodle)
Curry Yamaimo Himokawa Udon
 (Flat noodle with Curry)
Tsukimi Udon or Soba
 (Noodle with egg)
Sansai Udon or Soba
 (Noodle with Mountain Vegetables)
Zaru Udon or Soba
 (Cold Noodle  soy sauce and bonito broth,
Variety of toppings)

■Wakasagi Menu

Deep-fried Wakasagi
Wakasagi Tempura
Marinated Wakasagi in sweet vinegar sauce
Braised Wakasagi

■Otsumami Menu

Sausage Set
Sausage Set
 (Coarsely ground,Chorizo sausage,Curry,Herbs,Black Pepper)

■Drink Menu


Plum Liquor
bottled beer
alcohol-free beer


♦Soft drink

Coffee(Hot or Ice)
Tea(Hot or Ice)
Orange juice
Oolong tea

※All prices contain the tax.